About Elfworks Studios:

Elfworks Studios was originally conceived as the vehicle for the numerous projects and mediums of Toronto artist Kelly Probyn-Smith. Kelly has always been a bit of a "jack-of-all-trades" and knew she needed to create a single umbrella from which all the work could branch. As ventures have grown, Elfworks has become a stable base from which other artists may also try to grow and find exposure.

Elfworks Studios is the showcase for both Kelly's handcrafted jewellery items and her metalwork including masks, tin lanterns and other one-of-a-kind pieces. Inspired by the many artists with whom Elfworks Studios has come in contact, Elfworks Studios endeavours to promote and support those in the arts communities by hosting art shows and by showcasing artists of merit in multiple mediums. In 2008 Elfworks Studios was pleased to create the first of a series of art shows called "Not Just A One Trick Pony focusing on the unsung artist in all of us.

A theatrical make-up and wig artist by trade, Elfworks also builds and modifies a variety of hairpieces and facial hair for the theatre, film and television, as well as to those who otherwise require wigs and hairpieces due to medical conditions.

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